Time For a Change

August 5, 2011

Well, it’s with both sadness and excitement that I write this. I’ve been procrastinating composing this post for a couple of weeks now, but as I sit here watching the movers load my stuff into the moving van, I realize I can’t put it off any longer. Yes, I’m moving, and it’s not just across town. I’m headed to beautiful Carlsbad, California in North San Diego County! Making the move less difficult is the knowledge that I’m planning on being back in Vegas about every 3 weekends to continue to serve at Central Christian. In fact, I already have a plane ticket back for August 27/28 weekend!

So where am I going? I need to give you a quick history lesson first. In 2005 before I moved to Las Vegas, I co-founded planningcenteronline.com with my friend Jeff Berg, who I met at my last church. Planning Center is an online worship planning & scheduling tool that we developed from scratch to help churches of all sizes stay or get organized. Over the last 5 years Planning Center has become a huge product used by thousands of churches and over a million people all over the world!

For the first 4 years Planning Center was in existence, I was a “contract” worker. I went to conferences to exhibit the product, I made video tutorials, I helped Jeff design and implement new features and I helped answer customer support. Because it was still growing, I was able to do most of the things I wanted to do without sacrificing my full-time music position at Central. But because of our growth, eventually it came to a point where we needed a full-time Product Manager. I really wasn’t willing to have someone else take over the job I had been doing and helped pioneer, so after some prayerful consideration, I decided to shift my jobs. As of January 2011, I have been the full-time Product Manager for Planning Center and I have been a “contract” worker for Central.

It’s been pretty difficult working full-time for a company who is located in another state. Central was gracious enough to let me keep my office, so many days I could work with other people at the church, but since the Worship Department is generally not at church on Mondays and Fridays, I worked by myself from home. During the summer as most people have been on vacation, I’ve been working at home a lot more.

When I took the job at Planning Center, they were planning on relocating from the Palm Springs area to the San Diego area. It is pretty difficult to try and recruit talented programmers and other technical people to a retirement community, so to help continue our growth, we chose the San Diego area. The plan was to relocate sometime in the summer of 2012, but when we found a great building for a great price much sooner, we decided to move ahead a whole year earlier than planned.

Construction on the interior of the building began early this year and is set to be completed this coming Monday, August 8th. I wasn’t sure when I would move, but about a month ago I started looking for a new place to live. After looking at many apartments I took a chance and looked at a privately owned townhome that I loved. The owners are a great Christian couple who will be living one neighborhood away and wanted someone to move in…..August 8th. I decided I really wanted to be in the new Planning Center building on day 1, so I signed my lease at the townhouse and started to get ready to move 3 weeks later.

So after the movers are done today, I’m going to a “See Ya Later” party my friends are throwing for me tonight. Then I’ll be at church this weekend, and drive out to California to start my new life on Monday morning. Did I mention that my parents and 2 brothers will only be an hour away? Plus I’ll be moving much closer to many of my college friends and I’m looking forward to seeing them more often.

I have absolutely loved my time in Las Vegas. In fact, I’ve lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else in my entire life! I’m made wonderful friends, found an amazing church family, and I’m sad I won’t be around that as much. But at the same time, I know that I plan on coming back frequently, so it’s not really goodbye!

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Starring in Someone Else’s Story

January 18, 2010

Well, the Golden Globes are on tonight, and even though I’m a huge entertainment junkie, I’m not sure if I’ll watch them or not. Okay, strike that. I wanted to make sure I had my facts straight, so I checked to see if they are in fact on tonight, and lo and behold, they’re now playing on my TV as I write this post. Horror of horrors! A commercial just came on and I can’t fast forward through it! Oh, live TV how I haven’t missed you. But I digress.

Two of the award categories are Best Supporting Actor & Best Supporting Actress. These awards are given for excellence in portraying a character that isn’t the protagonist, but who is very often pivotal to the story. Who would Batman be, for instance, without the Joker (Oscar for best Supporting Actor, Heath Ledger)? Or what was the most memorable line (aside from “You had me at hello”) from Jerry Maguire? That would be “Show me the money!” spoken by Cuba Gooding, Jr. who also won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. But as much as I like my pop culture, it’s not actually what this post is about.

I’m currently reading through Genesis in my devotional time and was reminded of the story of Abraham and Isaac. Let’s see if I can summarize this a little. Abraham & Sarah desperately wanted a child. God promised them a child, but made them wait a ridiculously long time for it, until it was laughable when it finally happened because of their old age. After their son Isaac was older, God told Abraham to kill Isaac to test Abraham’s devotion. At the last minute, after Abraham proved he would obey God no matter what, God told him not to go through with it.

So obviously Abraham wins the award for Most Devoted Christian in an Attempted Slaughtering, but I’ve always been interested in Isaac’s perspective here. As they approached the mountain where the sacrifice was to be made, Isaac asked what they were going to sacrifice, to which Abraham replied, God will provide. Nice answer, Abe, you’re off the hook for now. But what about when they reached the top of the mountain and Abraham finally revealed to Isaac what was really going down? I wish I knew what happened there!

Did Abraham tell Isaac just to trust him and God? Did Isaac willingly lay down on the altar and close his eyes as his father went in for the fatal blow? Did Isaac freak out, forcing Abraham to physically restrain him? Maybe Abraham tricked Isaac. “Hey, son. Wouldn’t it be funny to pretend YOU are the sacrifice? [nervous laughter] Let me tie you up and put you on the altar, take a picture with my phone and post it on Facebook! Oh yeah, this will be hilarious!”

However it happened, Isaac was ultimately saved. In this particular story, he was the supporting character, but later on gets to be the star of his own stories. Yes, Abraham had to be willing to kill his son, but Isaac was the close-call cadaver! It’s gotta be tough to be somewhat of a prop in the lesson God is teaching someone else.

It makes me think of the times I’ve been the supporting character in someone else’s story. Except to be honest with you, I can’t really think of that many. Not that it hasn’t happened, but I’m usually a little too self-centered to be able to instinctively think of it as someone else’s story, or God’s story, for that matter. Instead, I’m usually left stupefied or frustrated that I can’t see the Director’s vision, compounded by my cluelessness that I’m not even the star!

Even when I might be a supporting player in a story where I might never see the big picture, there’s usually a lesson or two I need to learn along the way. My lesson for tonight? The Golden Globes are much better as a secondary character to this blog post than they were as primary entertainment.