Recent News

In October 2009, Aaron released his debut solo album, Resolution, featuring 11 original songs. Stylistically, it merges rock & pop using a palette of instruments & textures as unique as his voice. Produced by Jeff Roach of roachsounds.com, Resolution is an outlet for Aaron’s songwriting as well as his proficiency with the piano and his dynamic vocals. Though primarily accomplished from September 2008 through September 2009, the preliminary work for this album was started back in 2005 and a song or two were even written as far back as 2002, though they’ve been updated significantly.

A Little History

Aaron was born in Houston, TX to missionary parents, Charles & Linda Stewart. 3 years later, he moved with his parents and younger brother Danny to Colombia, South America where they lived for 3 and half years. While in Colombia, at 5 years old he started piano lessons with a lady down the street. In second grade, they moved to South Florida where their family was eventually blessed with a new brother David, and then later with the adoptions of Josh & Jessica, bringing the Stewart family count up to 7.

While in Florida, Aaron continued piano lessons and also developed his love for singing & performing. He played piano solos in churches all around the country and won numerous state competitions. He also performed in many church & school concerts and musicals and began writing music in 8th grade.

In 1996, shortly after he graduated from high school, the whole family moved from Southern Florida to Southern Calfornia where Aaron attended Azusa Pacific University. After graduating in 2000 with a B.A. in Music Education & Composition, Aaron started a Christian Pop music group called Soul Desire and toured around the country for about 4 years, making 3 albums and getting their best single on radio stations in 18 states around the US. In 2004 he moved to Palm Desert, CA to become the Music Director for Southwest Community Church, where he led worship and helped lead the Creative Arts department. After serving there for a year and a half, God called him unexpectedly to Henderson, NV just outside of Las Vegas to be the music director at Central Christian Church, a cutting edge church of about 15,000 with a huge heart for the Las Vegas valley.

In 2008 he was chosen as one of the 10 Most Colorful Characters in Las Vegas alongside the mayor and Danny Gans, by 10best.com. Today Aaron is still thriving at Central with an incredibly talented team of coworkers and volunteers who all share in Central’s vision to help connect the unconnected to Christ.

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